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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member?
(Excerpt from the Articles of Incorporation)

All authorized legal entities, natural persons, NGOs can become members of the Association as long as they meet the conditions and express their desire to become a member by means of a written request. The approval of the registration of members with full rights within the Association falls under the competence of the Board of Directors.

The procedure by which organizations can become members of the Association:
The Board of Directors will grant membership to a certain entity that complies with the standards imposed by the Association and that has been previously recommended by a member of the Council or by a member of the Association. The acceptance or the rejection by the Board of Directors will be done during the work session based on the documents presented by the legal entity in accordance with the provisions of this Articles of Incorporation.

Who can become a member?
(Excerpt from the Articles of Incorporation)

Members of the Association appointed with full authority are Romanian or foreign legal entities, legal or natural persons, who, being aware of the Articles of Incorporation of the Association, agree with their provisions, who meet the legal requirements for authorization and who understand, based on their own activity, to contribute and support the achievement of this Association’s goals and purpose.

What are my advantages if I become a member?
(Excerpt from the Articles of Incorporation)

– creating a professional body of providers and organizations providing funeral services and raising the standards and quality within this field of activity and ensuring that these standards are in accordance with those of the member states of the European Union;
– recommending providers as good quality partners to European authorities or associations such as E.F.F.S., F.I.A.T.-I.F.T.A., etc. and representing them at the highest possible level in terms of usage standards;
– creating, implementing and improving standards within the field of funeral services, including an Ethical Code regarding the operating mode of funeral services providers;
– lobbying by filing appeals, creating programs, specific proposals in relation to the European Federations of Funeral Services and respectively to the competent Romanian authorities;
– providing consultancy for both the public and the authorities regarding the development and implementation of legislative acts within the funeral services field in Romania;
– creating a necessary setting for expressing ideas and sharing experience among funeral services providers;
– developing a set of knowledge regarding the best quality practices in treatments such as thanatopraxis or embalming;
– collaborating with other federations, foundations, associations, public and private institutions, from Romania and abroad, in order to carry out common activities, according to the purpose of the Association;
– organising symposia, conferences, roundtables, with national and international participation.

Our Address

Urusagului Street, no 21, Floresti, Cluj County, Romania